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Frequently asked questions

Thinking about doing business with us - these are the things we usually get asked . . .

You're called Fleet UK does that mean your customers are all corporate fleets?

All our customers are people who want to do business with someone they trust and who takes away the hassle, so they can deal with more important or pleasurable matters.

The majority of our customers are owners or senior directors of small to medium size businesses that run diverse fleets of vehicles. These vehicles are of all makes and models and range from cars they provide to employees, commercial vehicles and minibuses that they depend on for the operational logistics of their business, through to vehicles they or their families own personally.

Whilst small to medium businesses make up the majority of our customers, we have an extensive and varied set of other customers that we are also proud to serve:

  • We supply vehicles to many schools and educational institutions based on our knowledge and experience of their specific requirements
  • It is also interesting how many older people we have as customers. They are normally recommended to us because they need someone who will look after them properly in a market that has a notoriously bad reputation, is heaped with complexity and in which, for various reasons, they have no experience
  • Another significant part of our customer base are successful, often high profile, people who want something specific and want it now
  • We also do a lot of what other people consider too small or run of the mill - we have a lot of customers who have taken a cash allowance from work rather than a company car. To our customers it's still an important and big decision so that's how we see it too.

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Why would I buy from you rather than the local dealership?

Firstly, these days, it makes no difference in terms of the actual vehicles supplied, the manufacturers warranty in place, the ongoing servicing and maintenance or the future re-sale value of the vehicle.

We are independent, we are not owned or aligned to any individual motor manufacturer or finance house, and we do not make money by lending money or by manufacturing vehicles. The service we offer is based on our knowledge and expertise of the motor industry. Our job is to do the work for you - monitor the market, follow the manufacturers and the vehicles they are bringing to market and their relative strengths so that we can provide our customers with a personal and value added service.

We are well connected within the industry, we know the way it works and how to use it to our advantage. This allows us to buy well. We have negotiated terms in place based on the volume of business we do but we don't sit back and simply quote based on this. The market is ever changing and opportunities come and go constantly. We always shop around the entire vehicle network - looking for where the best deals are currently - scouring the whole country for availability and value for money.

It is not enough for us to find the best deal because we need to make some money in return for the work we do. We keep our overheads low so once we have negotiated terms with the vehicle and finance suppliers we can still pass on discounts to customers hopefully over and above what they can get themselves.

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What about going to one of the big finance house owned leasing / contract hire vehicle suppliers?

The finance houses are looking to lend money and get a return on their capital. They measure their success on what percentage of the cars sold each year are funded by them. Their objective is simple - get more vehicles funded through their books. The consequence of this is you are just the driver of one of the vehicles on their finance books.

We do not believe that all that matters is price. We are always competitive but we know there is always someone out there cheaper if you look hard enough. We do the hard work for you, so that you don't have to.

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Are you a broker?

We are an intermediary but we are not brokers. Our focus is all about building a loyal customer base of people who keep coming back to us and who recommend us to people they know. It is loyalty and trust we are building our business on, this means we make sensible investments in infrastructure and proactively maintain relationships with vehicle suppliers and finance houses.

Most importantly we would rather not sell a vehicle than sell the wrong vehicle to a customer because we can make a profit out of it. We realise that long term relationships come by thinking about the long term not short term profit for us.

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Where do your vehicles come from?

New vehicles are all supplied directly from manufacturer main dealerships in the UK and come with full warranty and local dealership support.

Used vehicles come from a variety of sources or from the stock of vehicles that we always carry. They are all well maintained and in good condition.

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